I.D.A.H.O….It’s Not Just a State.

Was there ever a choice?
Was there ever a choice?

Friday May 17th, around the world the LGBTQQA community will be celebrating International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

Created in 2004, IDAHO  was created to combat the homophobia and transphobia that people experience daily. In 2013 it is still illegal in 80 countries to love someone of the same sex, in many countries you face death if you live your life as your true gender rather than the one assigned to you at birth.

Death, for living your life. Death for loving someone. In 2013 this is still happening.

IDAHO was created to help bring Homo/Transphobia to the forefront, to let politicians, media, social media and the public aware that in this day and age, these things are still happening.

I remember in ’98, hearing the story of Matthew Sheppard on the news, I remember weeping for this boy who was just a few months older than I was. I remember being shocked, hurt, mortified and disgusted by the acts of his murderers. This boy, in another state and country was killed because he was gay, and here I was in Canada, hiding in my closet, afraid to come out because you know, it could happen to me too.

I live in a liberal country, I live in a city with a thriving LGBT community, my family had alwa

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