This Is My Someday

Devall (3)

This is Us

I’m Christa, I’m thirty-something (closer to forty). I’m married to that handsome lad on the right, and Ms Giggle Pants is our six year old daughter.

The lad, my husband is Elliot, he is thirty something too, but not as close to forty.  He’s an American boy living in Canada.

The little Miss, is our Paisley. She’s our bundle of love.

We are queer, LGBTQ, Rainbow Loving, Flag Flying, Pride representing family.

I run a home based childcare, Elliot does mountains of yard work, and Paisley keeps us on our toes.

We are very involved in our community, We are members of PFLAG, and a Transgender social group for trans* identified people, and allies.

I was a little late to the party and didn’t come out until I was 35, I had been married, divorced, survived cancer and had decided that I needed to live my life authentically. I couldn’t hide in the closet and pretend that I was straight. It was slightly traumatic for my extended family, but eventually we came out stronger than ever. My husband identifies as trans* as in transmale.  I have been with him since day one of his journey to becoming a ‘self made man’. It’s been an amazing ride.

We have an amazing life, we are so blessed. We have an amazing family, both blood and chosen. I can’t imagine my life being any better!

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